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Challenges Section

While uploading a video, users will get an option of uploading it as an open challenge.

Split-screen For Recording

The app allows you to reply to a challenge video with your own video and create a split-screen video.

Special Effects & filters

You will be allowed to edit the video you wish to upload, like adding special effects, add text, etc. Click on next, add hashtags, type your description to the video and it is all set to go.

Countdown Timer

There will also be a countdown timer on the videos which will go like - 5,4,3,2,1.. (seconds)

Appreciation Awards For Best Content Creators

The best content creator for 30 days would be awarded from our end.

Short Videos For 18s & 32s

We will also be giving an option for 18 seconds and 32 seconds short videos which will all be streaming in High Quality Resolution (HDR), thereby enhancing the experience of our users - unlike most current applications in the market today.


All you need is here..

We aim to create a positive in-app environment that strives to bring people of all ages and different communities across the planet together, moreover, staying connected by making interactive knowledge-sharing videos.

Unique Design

With DalKhichdi it is easy to navigate and use these controls because of its distinctive and eccentric design, and you can also share your content in your feed seamlessly.

Video Support

Users can upload ready-made videos to their DalKhichdi account, rotate or crop them, and even change the playback speed. You can also edit those and add type of effects as per your wish.

Best Pixel Camera

You can produce best quality videos using this app with standard effects and attractive filters, this can add variety to your feed which will further help you in acquiring more followers.

Sound Stereo

This app gives the ability to use preloaded tracks from a wide variety of music genres in your videos, special effects like slow/fast motion, stickers and filters, and the ‘React’ feature, which lets you film your reactions to a specific video.

Amazing Compatibility!

DalKhichdi application will allow users to create content that they would not otherwise be able to make as easily on their own, and give them a framework they can play or create within. For example, it will give people tools like filters, control over video speed, access to professional audio and more. DalKhichdi will enable everyone to be a creator, and encourage users to share their passion and creative expression through their work. Another reason perhaps why DalKhichdi will be such an appealing platform, is that the application will allow those with even the smallest followings to “go viral” and become online celebrities overnight.

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DalKhichdi App can be used to create informative, short dances, lip-sync, comedy, wholesome entertainment and talent videos. It will be a source of fame to several thousands of teenagers and adults in the world. With this app, users can create videos that will give them instant recognition and popularity. It also has the standard features that you would expect from a social network including direct messages and the option to “like” videos. This application can also be of great help for Business Marketing since it will have - A Huge Audience Base to Target, Great User Engagement, Localization Advantages, Local Creators & Using as Own Branded Marketing Channel.

app android app ios


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